September 2022

Section I of new construction project of river crossing tunnel along the river

Project name: Section I of New Cross River Tunnel along the River Channel
Constructor: Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd.
Shield model and diameter: Herrenknecht 15.43m slurry shield

Project overview:

Lot 1 of the new project of the river crossing tunnel along the river channel is the river crossing node of the closure project of Shanghai Suburb Ring Line (G1501), which is located in the north of Shanghai and connects Pudong section of the Outer Ring Line and Baoshan section of the Suburb Ring Line. The project starts from the east side of Mudanjiang Road, Fujin Road, Baoshan District, passes through the 14th District of Shanggang District, passes through the surrounding area of Baoshan District, enters the Yangtze River, successively passes through Paotai Park, Huangpu River Qingdong Binjiang Forest Park, and connects with the outer ring road. The total length of the line is 6.455km, the length of the round tunnel section of the project is about 5.2km, the outer diameter of the tunnel is 15m, the inner diameter is 13m, the ring width is 2m, the thickness of the segment is 650mm, the maximum longitudinal slope of the line is 3%, the minimum turning radius is 950m, and the shield method is used for construction

Two super large diameter shield machines with a diameter of 15.43m successively set out from the working shaft of the south Puxi line, and entered the Yangtze River eastward, crossing the Changhang Wharf Approach Bridge, the International Cruise Terminal Approach Bridge, Paotai Wetland Park, Wusong Island and the Huangpu River, and finally landed at the Binjiang Forest Park, with a total distance of 6.5 kilometers

Compared with the previous Yangtze River Tunnel, the river crossing tunnel along the river channel has a variety of building types and a more complex construction environment. It is also a great challenge to cross the Wusong Guide Dike twice, so more strict and precise settlement control is required. The project also realizes digital management throughout the whole process, and continuously detects and controls throughout the day, so that the tunnel settlement value is always kept within 2cm.